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Fastest Leasing Process

Get a Term Sheet in 24 hours and mutually commit to signing a lease in 4 weeks so your listing sits vacant for days, not months.

Professional Tenant

With $160M in funding and nearly 2 million square feet, Knotel has signed dozens of leases, needs minimal TI and wont flood your building with strangers every month.

Brokered or Direct

Landlords, listing agents and tenants can receive lease or sublet offers from Knotel, we work with everyone

Markets Currently Served:

New York
Hudson Square
Gramercy Park
Penn Station
Times Square
Garment District
Grand Central
Plaza District
Murray Hill
San Francisco
North FiDi
South FiDi
Yerba Buena
South Beach
Jackson Square
Union Square

KnotelExpress is 6x Faster Than Traditional Leasing

With KnotelExpress, rent commencement in as
little as 4 weeks
  • LOI: 24 Hours
  • Finalize LOI: 2 weeks
  • Lease Signed: 2 weeks
  • Minimal TIs makes us ready to go!
With traditional leasing, rent commencement in a
minimum of 24 weeks
  • Marketing Materials: 2 weeks
  • Tour Tenants: 4 weeks
  • Negotiate LOIs: 4 weeks
  • Lease Preparation: 2 weeks
  • Lease Negotiation: 8 weeks
  • TI Work: 2 weeks
  • Move-in Period: 2 weeks

Top Landlords Choose Knotel

How Do We Make A Competitive Offer So Fast?

We Know
What We Want

  • We’ve identified submarkets with high demand from our customers
  • Decisions can be made with just pictures and floorplans, without the need for a tour
  • With nearly 2MM sqft already leased, we are professional tenants and get to final numbers quickly

Reusable Space

  • No custom build-outs that will only work for one tenant
  • Agile, modular designs are inexpensive and flexible
  • Optimized workflow allows us to move in tenants quickly

Term Sheets

  • We sign 10+ leases a month and are ready to start at a reasonable, final offer
  • We work with you on terms and can be flexible to work around your non-negotiables
  • We believe small spaces should never be over-negotiated

Lease Docs

  • Neutral lease docs that work great for small spaces. They are ‘instantly’ approved to save time and money
  • You can get your own lease documents pre-approved for future spaces
  • For new lease documents, we ask that you join us in committing to a 2 week cap on legal review

Why Knotel?

Knotel is transforming the office market with its flexible real estate solution for businesses, called Agile HQs. Agile HQs are an owner-friendly, business-driven real estate solution that is revolutionizing the way companies rent office space.

Building Friendly Operations

Knotel’s customers range from high-growth startups to Fortune 500 companies looking for dedicated, fully-serviced office space. Knotel does not offer co-working, hot desks or monthly memberships, which means traffic through your building is just like any other tenant. Every Knotel property has open floor layouts and lightweight, repurposable buildouts, adding value to the building while keeping wear-and-tear minimal.

Institutional, Industry Backing

Knotel has raised $160 million from Newmark Knight Frank, Norwest Venture Partners, The Sapir Organization, The Wolfson Group, The Moinian Group, and Wainbridge Capital. Our Advisory Board consists of executives from GE, McKinsey, SAP, Morgan Stanley, and Newmark Knight Frank.

Flexible Partnership Opportunities

Our portfolio expansion is fueled by not having a “one-size-fits-all” mentality. We’ll work with you to establish a partnership that best suits your business needs.

1.7 Million+
square feet